How to defer off-duty hours

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    Deferring hours allows a Driver to reduce their off-duty time required on the current day’s log but they must remember to take the Deferred time off on the next day’s log to remain compliant. Drivers can use the Deferral option every second day.

    In accordance with SOR-2005-313 Section 16 (a-e), Drivers operating under the Canada South cycle have the option to defer up to 2 hours of their required off-duty time onto their following day’s log.


    Note: Despite sections 12 and 14, a Driver who is not splitting off-duty time in accordance with section 18 or 19 may defer a maximum of 2 hours of the daily off-duty time to the following day if:

    • The off-duty time deferred is not part of the mandatory 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time,
    • The total off-duty time taken in the 2 days is at least 20 hours,
    • The off-duty time deferred is added to the 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time taken in the second day,
    • The total driving time in the 2 days does not exceed 26 hours, and
    • There is a declaration in the “Remarks” section of the daily log that states that the Driver is deferring off-duty time under this section and that clearly indicates whether the Driver is driving under day one or day two of that time.

    Steps: Deferring off-duty hours 


    Day 1 (Current Day’s Log)

    1. Log into the Driver App and click Logs.


    2. Select your current day's log.


    3. Tap on the Plus (+) in the bottom right of the screen.


    4. Select Defer Off Duty Hours option.


    5. The screen updates and lets you select a time you would like to Defer. You can Defer a maximum of two hours to stay compliant. Select the time of your choice and tap Continue.


    6. Once done, you can see a banner on your current day’s log indicating your Deferred time.



    Note: To remove the Deferral of Hours from your current day’s log, tap on the banner showing the Deferred time and tap on Reject.

    Day 2 (Next Day’s Log)

    1. Once you have Deferred Hours from the previous day, on the next day’s log you will see a banner automatically reminding you of the hours that you have Deferred. Tap Got it to proceed.


    2. The banner on the Log page constantly reminds you to take the required hours off on the day in order to remain compliant.


    3. Failure to take the required time off will result in a HOS Violation.



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