How to create an Inspection Form from Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin



    Fleet Admins can create customized vehicle inspection reports that can be assigned to any vehicle or group of vehicles in the Fleet. These reports allow the Fleet Admins to better manage the vehicles in the Fleet.

    Note: Creating an Inspection Form is only supported for Motive Enterprise plan subscribers.


    Steps: Creating an Inspection Form from Fleet Dashboard

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and click the Admin icon at the bottom left corner.


    2. Select the Products drop-down menu and select Maintenance.

    3. In Inspection Forms tab, click + Create Inspection Form.

    Screenshot (321).png

    You can choose to create the inspection form for the Vehicle or Asset separately.

    4. Choose whether you want to create an Inspection form for a Vehicle or an Asset. Enter the Form Name and choose whether you want to select from a ready-made template or a blank template.

    5. Click Create.

    Note: You can repeat the steps for creating an Inspection Form for Assets too.



    6. You can then set the preferences for the inspection form in the General Settings section. Select which fields your Drivers are required to fill out, and what you want to allow your Driver to edit.

    Use the following settings:

    • Form name - Setting up the name of the form helps you identify it easily.
    • Require Drivers to review previous inspections before adding an inspection - When enabled, Drivers are required to review inspections with defects that are not yet reviewed. Drivers have the option to review and acknowledge defects that are not yet corrected, or they can review and sign the inspections with defects corrected. In case the Driver finds defects that are not correctly fixed, they can Reject the change of status that requires the mechanic to look at the defects.
    Note: If you can’t locate this feature, please reach out to Motive Support.
    • Require all parts to be inspected - Enabling this setting requires the Drivers to inspect all parts.
    • Require photos for inspected parts - Depending on the option you choose, this setting requires Drivers to provide photos for all inspected parts or for parts with defects.
    • Require notes for inspected parts - Depending on the option you choose, this setting requires Drivers to provide notes for all inspected parts or for parts with defects.
    • Allow Drivers to mark defects “Corrected” or “Need Not Be Corrected” - If you don’t want the Driver App to have an option for mechanic signature, you can disable this setting.
    • Prompt Drivers to do a trailer inspection after completing a vehicle inspection - This setting introduces a pop-up after the vehicle inspection that asks to continue with the trailer inspection.



    Note: The License Plate Number is added for Canadian Inspection Forms only.



    7. To create a new field, click Add custom text field.

    8. You can mark this new field as Required.


    9. Click Add Vehicle Part to add the vehicle's parts you want your Drivers to inspect.

    10. Check the box for if you require Drivers to mark defects as Major or Minor.


    11. Click Custom Defect List to list specific defects after adding the vehicle.

    12. Add a description to explain the defect.

    13. Select the severity of the defect.

    img step 11 12 13.png

    14. Scroll down to the Driver Signature section to Enter the declaration for Driver signature.

    15. Click Save.

    img step 14 15.png


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