How to View the Health Status of AI Dashcam

    Audience  Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety



    The Safety tab on the Fleet Dashboard allows Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins to keep a track of the overall health of their dashcam devices across the fleet. This lets them know the status of each of their dashcams, and make sure that they are installed correctly and in working order.


    Steps : Viewing the Health Status of AI Dashcam

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on Safety in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on Dashcams tab.

    The Dashcam tab opens up and gives an overview of all the dashcams and their statuses.


    3. You can see the following types of statuses for your dashcams:

    • Disconnected: The dashcam is not connected to the vehicle.
    • Recommendation: To fix this issue, the user should connect a dashcam.
    • Setup Needed: The dashcam is connected but requires AI calibration.
    • Recommendation: To resolve this issue, drive on a 3-lane highway for at least 30 minutes and press the manual event button to re-initialize your device.
    • Compatibility Issue: The dashcam is connected to an older Vehicle Gateway model.
    • Recommendation: This issue occurs when the dashcam is connected to a Vehicle Gateway LBB 3.66 or newer model. To resolve the issue, contact us.
    • Install Issue: Where your dashcam may not have been installed in the right position.
    • Recommendation: Your dashcam may not be installed properly. Read the support article here for recommendations on the correct installation guide.
    • Connected: The dashcam is connected, secure, and AI calibrated.


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