How to create Alerts for Defects in Inspection Report

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Alerts



    Motive allows Fleet Admins to create Alerts for Vehicle or Asset Defects in Inspection Reports to get notified every time a defect is found.


    Steps: Creating alerts for defects in inspection reports

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon in the bottom left corner.


    2. Click on Alerts from the PLATFORM dropdown on left.

    3. Click on +Create Alert.

    Alert Create.png

    4. In the Alerts Details section, type the Name for the alert and search for Defect in Inspection Report from Alert Type.


    5. After you select the Defect in Inspection Report alert type, select the Entities that you want to create the alert for.



    Note: All Entities will be selected by default. You can select the Groups, Vehicles and Assets as Entities for the alert.


    6. After you select the entities, click on Save.


    7. You can set the trigger range for the Alerts to All times, on Weekdays, Weekend, or set a Custom trigger range.


    8. Under the Delivery section click on select and choose Fleet Users, Drivers, or Groups as recipients for the Alerts.

    Note: All entities will be selected by default. You can custom-select the entities yourself.

    9. Click on Save Selection.


    10. Check the box for Important to flag the alert as important in emails and notifications.

    11. The Delivery frequency defaults as Immediate since these alerts are real-time.

    12. Select the Delivery method through which you want the Recipients to receive the real-time alerts. You can select Email & notifications, Notifications only, and Email only.

    13. You can also select External Recipients to receive these alerts.

    14. Click on Save.



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