Dashcam Live Images Feature

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins, Drivers
    Applies To Smart Dashcam, AI Dashcam



    Motive dashcams' gives the fleet admins Live image capture capability —a convenient hub for accessing real-time visuals directly from the device. Your go-to destination for requesting images, it showcases the latest capture alongside a timestamp for instant reference. This is an option that is available on your dashboard under the vehicle profile. With the flexibility to request up to 100 images daily, you can stay informed with a comprehensive visual record. Plus, image updates align seamlessly with the cellular data connectivity of the Vehicle Gateway, ensuring a dynamic and reliable stream of visuals.


    Note: This feature is automatically enabled for dashcam customers; the only action required for Fleet
    Admins is to start capturing images.
    2. How to enable Trip Images (automatic images)
    Note: This is a setting that Fleet Admins must enable if they would like to have automatic images captured throughout the duration of trips. 

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