How to view Fleet Admin dashboard on cell phone?

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    You can view your fleet admin dashboard, from your cell phone as well in case you don't have access to your laptop or PC.


    Steps: Viewing Fleet Admin dashboard on cell phone 

    1. On your cell phone, go to Google and search for


    2. Click on the three black bars on the top right corner.


    3. Click on Login. 


    4. Enter your admin credentials to login to motive admin dashboard. 


    5. On the top left hand corner, select three black bars and go to Safety


    6. Select arrow pointing down. It will open a drop down menu for you to check all available options under Safety. 



    7. You can go to Events to view safety event videos that include hard brake, hard acceleration and hard cornering event videos. Or Request Video to recall a video from one of your vehicles                                                  6.png                                                             

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