How to Ignore Incorrectly Recorded Drive Time using Fleet Dashboard

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    The Ignore Drive Time feature enables Fleet Admins to ignore an incorrectly-recorded driving event and help drivers to recalculate their accurate remaining HOS in the Driver App. 

    This feature gives fleet users the ability to ignore ELD recorded drive time to get rid of violations internally. No changes are made to the driver’s ELD outputs (log PDF/output file), to help fleets stay in compliance. 

    Note: In accordance with ELD regulations, once the driving time is automatically recorded to a driver’s logs, that event will remain on the driveline and cannot be edited. Check out our guide on how to navigate FMCSA's rules on reclassifying drive time.


    Steps: Ignoring Incorrectly Recorded Drive Time using Fleet Dashboard

    Follow these steps to ignore an incorrectly-recorded drive time using the Motive Dashboard:

    1. Once you have access to Ignore Drive Time, Log in to the Fleet Dashboard

    2. Click Compliance in the left-hand side menu. 

    3. Click Logs.


    4. Select the incorrectly-recorded driving event. 

    5. Click Edit Log


    6. You will get a screen where you can see the Edit option against each recorded drive time. Click on Edit for the drive time to you want to ignore.


    7. Check the box to select Ignore incorrectly recorded drive time.


    8. Select an appropriate duty status Off-Duty (PC), On-Duty (YM) or Waiting Time (WT) to recalculate driver’s HOS Clocks. 

    9. Click Confirm.

    ignore 1.png

    10. An automatic internal note now displays on the logs detail page under the ignored driving duty status and the driver receives a notification in the Driver App to view the log with ignored drive time. 


    Once you ignore the drive time, that driving event will be excluded from the hours of service. The driving event will still show up on the Driver's log, however it will be considered Off-duty instead.


    Note: The internal note is only visible within Motive Platforms (Fleet Dashboard, Driver Application) for tracking purpose and is not visible on the driver’s ELD Outputs.


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