Broadloop integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Audience Broadloop and Motive customers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard>Marketplace



    Broadloop solution specializes in construction of fleet management and logistics. They have a hauling and paving intelligence platform that helps asphalt contractors to measure and improve the key metrics that drive performance across their paving operations.


    Integration Benefits

    • View your fleet location in BroadLoop
    • Syncs driver & vehicle data from Motive to avoid double data entry
    • Dispatches & communicates with your virtual fleet of vehicles
    • Captures driver hours per job to eliminate paperwork


    System Requirements


    • N/A


    • Subscription Plan: Pro and Enterprise


    Steps: Enabling Broadloop integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Note: This integration can only be enabled if you’re a mutual customer of Motive and Broadloop. Also, to completely set up the integration and activation reach out to

    This is a 1-way integration that is enabled from Motive App Marketplace.

    1. Click Get this App.
    2. This raises a case for the API support team. The API team then creates the API with the label Broadloop and communicates with the user.


    Support for Integration


    Motive Support


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