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    Connixt iMarq automates and digitizes your forms, checklists, processes and workflows within weeks. Connixt integration with Motive enables you to retrieve telematics data from Motive based on the device ID associated with the Asset. This is shown to the end users to know the current vehicle condition. This integration also helps to retrieve locations and mileage from Motive. 


    System Requirements


    • Latest version of Connixt Inc iMarq App


    • Subscription Plan: Starter, Pro, Enterprise 


    Steps: Enabling Connixt integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Note: To enable the integration, ensure you’re a paid subscriber of Connixt. If not, connect with Connixt sales/support or reach out to Motive support to connect with Connixt sales/support team.


    Note: If you are already a subscriber before installing the integration from Motive App Marketplace, reach out to Connixt support with your Motive ID to set yourself as host in Connixt Inc systems. Locate your Motive ID on your Admin Dashboard under the Company information section.

    1. Once you are set up as a host in Connixt Inc systems, Log in to Motive Fleet Dashboard.
    2. Visit the Motive App Marketplace and click Install. This enables the connection between Motive and Connixt Inc and the data flow starts.


    Support for Integration


    • Email:
    • Phone: 877-266-6498

    Motive Support


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