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    FuelBI integration with Motive provides fuel card integration services for one or multiple card providers directly to your Motive instance. Once your initial setup is done, the process further is fully automated. FuelBI downloads your fuel transactions daily, matches them to your vehicles and drivers, and posts them directly to the Motive App Marketplace. 


    Integration Benefits

    • Helps to gain insight into fuel costs and KPIs across the entire fleet.
    • Alerts to keep managers in control of fuel transactions and possible fraud.
    • Manually imports fuel transactions for other fuel providers or on-premises fueling.
    • Low cost and easy setup.


    System Requirements


    • Subscription to the FleetHolster Fuel BI solution


    • Subscription Plan: Pro and Enterprise


    Cards Supported

    • Comdata
    • Diesel Direct
    • Voyager/US Bank
    • Quarles
    • Fleet One
    • WEX


    Steps: Enabling FuelBI integration with Motive 

    Note: Ensure you’re a paid subscriber of Fleethosters FuelBI software before you enable the integration. If not, connect with FuelBI sales/support at sales@fleethoster.com or reach out to Motive support to connect with the FuelBI sales/support team. 

    1. Once you have subscribed to the Fleethosters FuelBI software, visit the Motive App Marketplace and click Install.
    2. Enter your contact information and fuel card provider data. FuelBI reaches out to you to set up your billing account and confirms your fuel card provider information.
    3. The FuelBI team also asks about how you match your vehicle to the card in your fuel provider portal and the Motive platform to appropriately perform the matching at FuelBI end. 
    4. Once the matching is done you can see the data starts to flow.


    Support for Integration


    Email: sales@fleethoster.com

    Phone: 6787592544

    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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