What is the difference between an Assigned and Permitted Safety Coach?

    Audience  Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers  
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety 



    While both assigned coaches and permitted coaches can coach drivers, an assigned coach is responsible for coaching specific drivers, while permitted coaches are considered backup coaches and have permission to coach any driver.

    Assigned Coach

    • The coach's name is displayed as Assigned Coach for the driver throughout the Safety Hub.
    • Once a coaching role (a role that has permission to coach) is selected for certain groups, the user can be assigned as a coach for some or all of these groups by selecting the groups in the dropdown from Coaching Assignment.
    • Generally speaking, a core responsibility of these users would be to coach drivers.



    Permitted Coach

    • These Fleet Users have the Coach Drivers permission enabled, but their name will not be displayed as an Assigned Coach throughout the Safety Hub.
    • A coach can only coach on groups for which the role has been selected but not explicitly assigned from the Coaching Assignment drop-down.
    Note: These Fleet Users can be considered “back up” coaches.


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