How to sign up as a free app user with Motive (Easiest Way)

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To Driver App


    Steps: Signing Up as a Free App User from Motive Driver App

    1. Select Motive Driver app from your device.

    2. Tap Sign Up to register a new free driver profile with Motive.


    3. On the Create Account screen, tap on each field to enter your general information. Then tap on Next.


    4. Tap on Enter Carrier Details Manually.


    5. On the Enter Carrier Details screen, tap on each field and enter your carrier info. Then tap on Next.


    6. On the Log Settings screen, select your Time Zone and Cycle Rule. Then tap on Done.



    7. When finished, you will be taken to the Log's screen. Your profile is now set up and you can start logging in using Motive as a free app user.

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