How to identify and re-identify a driver using Face Match

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    Motive's Face Match uses advanced AI technology to automatically create image-based profiles of drivers, which are then used to automate various manual tasks, including the identification of drivers involved in unsafe driving behaviors and matching them with unidentified trips. This can save time for Fleet Managers and help keep drivers safer and more compliant efficiently.

    If the Driver Identification Settings are enabled, and the Fleet Managers have Face Match profiles permission, they can access the Face Match feature from their Motive Fleet Dashboard.

    Note: Face Match requires a dual-facing AI dashcam (DC-54) and is available for customers on the Enterprise & Pro subscription packages. This feature is OFF by default.
    • Driver Privacy: Enabling Face Match AI requires confirmation that all necessary consents have been secured from vehicle operators in accordance with the law. Face Match does not function within the State of Illinois.


    Steps: Identifying and re-identifying a driver using Face Match

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard, and click the Admin icon in the bottom left corner of the side menu.


    2. Click on Drivers from the left side panel to see a new Face Match tab.

    NoteMake sure you enable Face Match from the Driver Identification Settings.


    Screenshot (105).png

    3. To identify a driver, go to the Unfamiliar drivers tab and click Identify under the Actions column to review the latest images captured for the driver in more detail.

    f (1).png

    4. Review the images carefully before identifying the driver and select any image to view in full screen.

    5. When ready, click Identify Driver in the top right to assign the Unfamiliar profile to an existing driver account. 


    6. Select the driver name from the Driver name dropdown and click Identify to confirm. 


    A confirmation prompt appears on the screen.


    While identifying a profile, if the driver name selected already has an Identified profile, a model comparison of the profiles appears as a warning before completing the profile identification.


    If the Identified profile is incorrect, Cancel the identification process and re-identify the incorrectly assigned Identified profile before assigning the Unfamiliar profile to the correct driver.



    Note: Avoid merging profiles of two (2) different drivers (whether Unfamiliar to Identified or Identified to Identified), as the images will be merged to profiles incorrectly, which can impact the accuracy of Face Match.


    5. If a driver is incorrectly identified, there are two (2) options available to reassign the profile in the upper right corner from the green Identified dropdown:

    • Reset to unfamiliar driver: Select Reset to unfamiliar driver if the driver's identity is still unknown.


    6. Select a reason for reassigning the driver to Unfamiliar and then click Reset to complete the reassignment.


    • Re-identify driver: Select Re-identify driver to reassign the profile to the correct driver. The identification modal appears to choose a new driver.



    Note: If the newly selected driver already has an Identified profile, Cancel and locate the profile from the Identified tab in Face Match. Then, reset the profile back to Unfamiliar or reassign the profile to the correct driver account before assigning the previous Unfamiliar profile.

    All changes are applied to future AI matches to trips only; any previous trips assigned to the incorrect driver require manual reassignment from the Trips report.


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