How to see the status of a vehicle’s wifi hotspot?

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    We have made some improvements to make managing Wi-Fi hotspots for your fleet easier. To see the status of each vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you can see that information in three different places. This ensures it’s easier to get to, and you can quickly discover what’s happening for any device.

    There are 3 statuses for wifi hotspots:

    • Enabled - Wi-Fi hotspot is enabled, and data usage is under the threshold
    • Throttled- Wi-Fi hotspot is enabled, but speed is limited due to going beyond the threshold
    • Disabled- Wi-Fi hotspot is disabled due to extremely high usage (this should not happen but is a backup in case someone goes through too much data too quickly)

    Steps: Viewing the status of a vehicle’s wifi hotspot

    Through the Vehicle’s Live view

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and the Vehicle’s Live screen displays by default.

    2. Click on the vehicle you want to view the Wi-Fi hotspot status for.

    1 2.jpg

    3. The status (enabled, disabled, throttled) of the vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot appears under the Other Details section.


    4. The number of GBs used displays in the Other Details section if the Wi-Fi hotspot is enabled.


    Through Vehicle’s Profile

    1. From Vehicle’s Live, click the vehicle you want to view the status for.

    1 22.jpg

    2. Click the Profile tab.
    3. The status of the Wi-Fi hotspot displays on the screen.

    2 3.jpg


    Through Wi-Fi Usage Summary Report

    1. From your Fleet Dashboard, click the Reports option in the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click Vehicles.
    3. Click the Data Usage Summary option.


    4. The Wi-FI data used for each vehicle displays in the Data used column.



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