How to create and assign a walkthrough from the Fleet Dashboard

    Audience  Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard>Admin



    Fleet Admins can create and assign a walkthrough from the Fleet Dashboard. Below are steps that you can follow to create and assign one.


    Steps: Creating and assigning a Walkthrough

    Create a Driver Walkthrough

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and click the Admin icon.


    2. Click Driver App.
    3. Click Driver Walkthrough.
    4. Click Create Walkthrough.

    Driver Walkthrough 2.png

    5. On the Create Walkthrough screen, select the Trigger for when you want the trigger to appear for the Driver(s).


    6. Specify the Intended Use for the walkthrough based on Driver's time tracking method.


    7. Select necessary Locks to define activities that cannot be performed before the completion of the walkthrough. This provides enforcement mechanism.


    8. Drag and drop necessary actions from the left panel for Drivers to complete.
    9. Once you’ve created the workflow, click Save.



    Assign a Walkthrough

    Once created, you can assign a walkthrough to a driver or group of drivers:

    1. Click the three dots on the Driver Walkthrough screen to assign a walkthrough.
    2. Select Assign from the dropdown menu.

    assign 1.jpg

    3. Select the individual driver or group of drivers.
    4. Click Assign to confirm.

    3 4.jpg


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