How to insert a past duty status

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    If the driver forgets to insert a duty status to his log, he can add it as a past duty status using the Driver App. This feature is only available in case of Vehicle Gateway malfunction or if the driver is not required to maintain logs.


    Steps: Inserting a Past Duty Status

    1. Log into the Driver App and click Logs.
    2. On the Logs screen, select the day you want to edit.
    3. Select the area on the log graph you want to edit OR select an event from the trips list below the graph and click Edit.

    Note: Trips recorded by the Vehicle Gateway are highlighted with a green line. However, drive time added manually is shown as the regular blue line.
    4. Tap the + sign. 
    5. Choose the Insert Past Duty Status from the options. 
    6. Set the Start Time and End Time by entering time in the fields or dragging the sliders.

    Note: Trips for exempted drivers (including manual driving) are freely editable but manual trips cannot be adjacent to Vehicle Gateway trips. For Vehicle Gateway trips we allow drivers to switch between Special Duty Status OFF (Personal conveyance), ON (yard move), or Driving.
    7. Select your new Duty Status, enter the Location, and add Notes.
    8. Tap Save to finish.
    9. The log graph and event display the new changes.

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