What is US Split Sleeper Berth Rule?

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    What is the Split Sleeper Berth Rule?

    • The sleeper berth provision allows drivers to split their required 10-hour off-duty period into two qualifying periods (e.g., 3/7 split sleeper berth, 8/2 and 7.5/2.5 sleeper berth split break), provided one off-duty period (whether in or out of the sleeper berth) is at least 2 hours long. The second off-duty period is at least 7 consecutive hours spent in the sleeper berth.

    • Just so you know – the 2 periods must sum up to 10 hours total (know more about the 10-hour sleeper berth rule).

    • When used together, neither period counts against the maximum 14-hour shift window.

    How does Split Sleeper Berth work on the Driver App

    • The Split Sleeper feature on the Driver App includes the ability for drivers to use a split sleeper toggle to recalculate their clocks before both qualifying periods are met – See more details in Feature Overview
    • This feature gives drivers the ability to better track their available hours  before the completion of both  qualifying periods to meet the Sleeper Berth Provision


    How Split Sleeper on Driver App Helps You

    Here are the benefits offered by Split Sleeper:

    • Drivers can easily extend their on-duty period by splitting off-duty periods.
    • Drivers can view their remaining hours before completion of both periods to better track their available hours 


    Split Sleeper Berth regulations Overview

    • Split Sleeper toggle on the Driver App allows the driver to split their required 10-hour off-duty shift, provided that one off-duty/sleeper berth break is at least 2 hours long and a second off-duty break minimum 7 consecutive hours long spent in sleeper berth.

    • The Split Sleeper toggle is only available once the minimum requirement is complete, which is at least 2 hours into sleeper berth/off-duty.

    • It turns on multiple clocks (Split SB Clocks) to break off-duty time into multiple periods.

    • Turning on the toggle allows the drivers to view Driving and On-Duty hours left before they complete both qualifying periods to meet the Sleeper Berth Provision.

    • Drivers can switch between both the clocks to start on-duty or off-duty status. 


    • Once the driver ends his shift, the hours are recalculated and shown in the app.

    Note: The time spent on ON Duty and/or Driving statuses between the two chunks of split sleeper berth gets deducted and the driver gets the remaining hours in the next shift.


    Get more details on the sleeper berth rule on split sleeper berth FMCSA. 

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