What is DRIVE risk score?

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety 



    The DRIVE risk score is calculated for a fleet after 2 weeks of driving behavior. In addition to evaluating risk, the smart DRIVE score brings visibility to the top and bottom-performing drivers.


    DRIVE Risk Score Overview

    • DRIVE stands for everything the algorithm is taking into account: the Driver, Road, Imaging, Vehicle, and Environment.
    • It aggregates tens of millions of data points every day from our network of over 400,000 vehicles to give us insights into driving behavior for every road segment across different vehicle types.
    • The smart DRIVE score goes deeper into the context of an event and analyzes additional variables—like location, weather, vehicle make and model, and more—that can affect driver performance.
    • The resulting score is a far more accurate measure of a driver’s risk in comparison to their peers.


    Learn more about the DRIVE risk score with our 101 guide.


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