What is DRIVE risk score?

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety 



    The DRIVE risk score assesses risk and provides visibility into the top and bottom-performing drivers. It is calculated for a fleet after two weeks of driving behavior. 


    DRIVE Risk Score Overview

    • DRIVE stands for everything the algorithm considers: the Driver, Road, Imaging, Vehicle, and Environment.
    • It aggregates tens of millions of data points daily from our network of over 400,000 vehicles to give us insights into driving behavior for every road segment across different vehicle types.
    • The smart DRIVE score goes deeper into the context of an event and analyzes additional variables—like location, weather, vehicle make and model, and more—that can affect driver performance.
    • The resulting score is a far more accurate measure of a driver’s risk than their peers.


    Learn more about the DRIVE risk score with our 101 guide.


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