What is the Safety Score?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety 



    The Safety Score evaluates the Driver’s safety performance. This helps Fleet Managers determine whom to coach and what driving behaviors to focus on. 


    Safety Score Overview

    • The Safety Score includes unsafe driving behaviors captured by the Dashcam as well as speeding and harsh driving
    Note: Included behaviors depend on whether dashcams are installed and if so, the dashcam type. For example: behaviors such as distraction or cell phone usage are not included in the score when only a road-facing dash cam is used. If no dash cam is installed, only harsh driving and speeding behaviors are included.
    • Personalized scores are available after 100 miles of driving data is accrued.
    • The Safety Score assesses driving performance based on a 4-week rolling window, reflecting the most recent 4-weeks of data.
    • Drivers are scored based on the volume of safety events generated. Fewer events result in a higher score, with the maximum score being 100.
    • Drivers are evaluated based on the rate of safety events generated per 1,000 miles driven. This normalized rate makes it easier to compare Drivers and ensures that Drivers who drive more aren’t unfairly penalized.
    • Scores are updated every Monday.
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    How are unsafe behaviors weighted in the score?

    • By default, Motive assigns a weight to each behavior. Unsafe behaviors most likely to cause collisions are given greater weight. 
    • The higher the weight a behavior is allocated, the higher the impact the behavior has on the score. 
    • You have the option to change the default weights within Safety Settings.
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    How do safety events impact the score?

    • The Safety Score changes based on the rate of safety events generated.
    • Reducing safety events will improve the score, increasing safety events will cause the score to decline.
    • Safety events in the ‘Dismissed’ status do not impact the Safety Score.

    How is the Safety Score calculated?

    • Aggregate all of the safety events generated over the 4 week period. 
    • Calculate the normalized safety event rate per 1,000 miles driven for each unsafe behavior included in the score.
    Event Rate = (count of events/miles driven) * 1,000
    • Determine the behavior impact on the score. The ‘Safety Score Points Table’ Report in the Fleet Dashboard indicates how points are allocated across behaviors.
    Behavior impact = Total points available - Total points received
    • Calculate the final score by subtracting the sum of impact across all behaviors from the maximum score of 100. The more safety events generated, the more points are deducted from the score. 
     Safety Score = 100 - (sum of impact of all behaviors)

    How should you evaluate the Safety Score?

    • Safety Score performance ranges indicate the risk profile of the driver. 
    • By default, Motive determines the performance range definition for a fleet based on the vehicle class and dashcam model.
    • You have the option to change the performance range definitions within Safety Settings.
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