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    What is ELD Mandate?

    As one of the top ELDs in North America, we know what it takes to help fleets navigate mandates and meet their compliance obligations. Stay compliant with our reliable, easy-to-use ELD certified for use across Canada and the U.S. Motive is fully certified on both Android and iOS for the Canadian ELD mandate. 

    These features are available for Drivers using v.42 of the Motive Driver App. Features also require v.71056 of the Motive Vehicle Gateway.

    You can download Canada Features one-pager here.


    Canada features

    • Deferral of hours - Drivers operating under the Canada South Cycle can defer up to two hours of their required daily off-duty time to the next day and it gets saved in daily Driver logs under ELD.
    • Cycle switch limit - Drivers won’t be able to switch between Cycle 1 (7 days) and Cycle 2 (14 days) unless they’ve taken the required off-duty time.
    • Yard move limit - ELDs will automatically switch to the driving status once a Driver has exceeded the 32 km/h (speed) Yard Move limit.
    • Personal conveyance limit - ELDs will automatically switch to the driving status once the Driver has exceeded the 75 km (distance) Personal Conveyance daily limit. Once exceeded, Drivers will have to wait until the next day to use Personal Conveyance again. 
    • Canadian output file - Drivers can easily share logs with officers during roadside inspections.
    • Vehicle connection prompts - Drivers receive in-app notifications when their Driver App isn’t connected to the vehicle or when the Bluetooth connection is lost.
    • Canada South Cycle off-duty clock - Drivers operating under the Canada South Cycle can use the off-duty clock to keep track of their daily 10-hour off-duty requirement.
    • Automatic CA/U.S. cycle switch - The Driver App automatically switches from Canadian to U.S. rules — and vice versa — at the border for a seamless HOS transition.
    • French language support - The Motive Driver App, Fleet App, and Fleet Dashboard are available in Canadian French.
    • Alberta Provincial cycle - Fleets operating solely in Alberta can manage their HOS and stay compliant with Alberta provincial rules.


    Canada and U.S. features

    • Undo misclaimed trips - Drivers can undo unidentified trips claimed in error, allowing managers to reassign them to the correct Driver.
    • Recertify logs - To remain in compliance, Drivers are prompted to re-certify their logs if edits are made.
    • Required Driver fields - Fleet Admins can easily fill out required Driver licenses and state jurisdiction when creating a new Driver account.
    • Malfunction and diagnostic messages - Identify when an ELD has active malfunctions or data diagnostics and how to resolve the issue to stay compliant.


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