How to add a Maintenance Schedule & Alert

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Maintenance 



    The maintenance reminders feature allows fleets to receive preventative maintenance alerts based on days, miles, or engine hours. This helps you keep your vehicles and assets on the road and spend less time dealing with unscheduled downtime.


    Steps: Adding a Maintenance Schedule 


    Schedule Maintenance for a Vehicle

    1. On the Fleet Dashboard, click on Maintenance from the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click on the Schedules tab to view current schedules and add any new ones.
    3. Click on the + Add Schedule button.


    4. If the Entity Type is a Vehicle, choose which Maintenance Type you want to set the schedule for.
    5. Add Maintenance Type and a Schedule Name.img_2_-_english.png

    Set upcoming status option will notify you before your service is due based on the miles you entered. 

    6. Set your Maintenance frequency in miles, days, or engine hours depending on your vehicle’s frequency.img_3_-_english.png

    7. Click on Add Vehicles to choose a group or individual vehicles you would like to include in this schedule.img_4_-_english.png

    8. Switch between Groups or Vehicles from the tabs at the top. Select the required items by checking the boxes on the left hand side.

    9. Click Apply.img_5_-_english.png

    10. Include the date, odometer, or engine hours of the last inspection for each vehicle to ensure the reminder will be accurate. You can also adjust the next service due if you prefer.img_6_-_english.png

    11. Click the Add Alert option if you want to receive an email before your maintenance is due. You can also customize the recipients of the email alerts.img_7-_english.png

    12. Select the type of alert from the drop-down menu.

    13. Click the Select option to choose the recipients.

    number 14.png

    14. Choose the recipients from the Fleet Users and Groups sections.

    15. Click Save.

    number 15.png

    16. Click Send alerts to the driver paired with the vehicle at the time if you want your Drivers to be reminded before services are upcoming or overdue. 

    send alerts.png

    17. Click Add External Recipients.

    send alerts 1.png

    18. Add recipient emails or phone numbers divided by a comma.

    19. Click Save.

    send alerts 2.png

    20. Click Save if you want to save the alerts.img_11_-_english.png

    21. Click Delete if you want to delete the alerts.img_12_-_english.png


    Schedule Maintenance for An Asset

    1. Click on Asset on the Create Schedule page for Entity Type
    2. Select Maintenance Type from the dropdown menu.
    3. Add Schedule Name and a Maintenance Frequency.img_13_-_english.png

      Note: For Maintenance Frequency to be Engine Hours, Asset Gateway should be connected via cable 4020 to track engine hours. Engine Hours are not tracked on Solar Power Asset Gateway.
    4. Click on Add Assets to choose a group or individual assets you would like to include in the schedule.img_14_-_english.png
    5. Switch to the Assets tab to choose assets of your choice. Select the assets you want to add in the schedule.
    6. Click on the checkbox of All Entities to include all assets.
    7. Click Apply.img_15_-_english.png
    8. Click on the Save button to save the changes.img_16_-_english.png
    Note: Scheduled maintenance by odometer and engine hours for assets will work only if the Motive Asset Gateway is being used.


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