How to Manage Data Retention

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Company



    Motive customers can manage their data retention per a predefined schedule. They can decide which data to retain and for how long.

    Note: Only Fleet Admin can manage the data retention policy, once it has been enabled by Motive support. Otherwise, Fleets can only ‘view’ their retention policy.

    Steps: Managing Data Retention

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon on the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click on Company in the left-hand side menu.
    3. Click on the Edit Company Information button. 
    4. Scroll down to the Data Retention Settings section.
    5. Click on the SafetyCompliance, Location, and Messaging dropdown menu and select a policy of your choice. 


    Note: Once a Fleet Admin decides to delete the data and choose a retention policy, the data is no longer accessible in the Fleet Dashboard.

    6. A dialogue box appears. Check the I understand the above checkbox and click on Confirm to proceed.
    7. After confirmation, you can view your data retention under the Data Retention Settings section.

    Note: If you do not enable self-serve data retention, you will no longer see the data category types. Get in touch with customer support to enable the feature for you.

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