How to Manage Data Retention

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Company



    Motive customers can manage their data retention per a predefined schedule. They can decide which data to retain and for how long.

    Note: Only Fleet Admin can manage the data retention policy, once it has been enabled by Motive support. Otherwise, Fleets can only ‘view’ their retention policy.

    Steps: Managing Data Retention

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon on the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click Security in the left-hand side menu.
    3. Scroll down to the Data Retention Settings section and click Edit.
    Page 1 - view 3 month.png
    4. Click the dropdowns for the SafetyCompliance, Location, Messaging and Maintenance menu and select a policy of your choice. 
    5. When done, click Save.
    Page 2 - edit 3 month.png
    Note: Once a Fleet Admin decides to delete the data and choose a retention policy, the data is no longer accessible in the Fleet Dashboard.


    Note: If you do not enable self-serve data retention, you will no longer see the data category types. Get in touch with customer support to enable the feature for you.

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