2022-Jun-14 Announcement: Inspections (DVIR) Enhancement


    Motive has launched Inspections (DVIR) Enhancements in the Fleet Dashboard and Driver App, which include:

    • Separation of Vehicle and Asset Inspections.
    • New inspection form settings to allow fleet managers to specify driver requirements to mandate the inspection of all parts, add defect photos, and add notes.
    • License plate number for Canadian inspections.


    Release Date

    New DVIR enhancements are available to all new fleets. For existing fleets, the phased rollout will start from mid-August.


    Feature Overview

    Once new features are enabled on your Fleet Dashboard and Driver App, you will notice the following changes:

    1. Inspections page to show separate inspections for vehicles and assets.

    2. Driver option to create separate inspections.

    3. Inspection details page on Driver App (Edit and Delete options moved under the Inspection tab).

    4. New Inspection Form settings.

    5. License plate number for Canadian inspections.

    Feature Updates (Available on All Plans) New Articles
    Separate Inspections (Fleet Dashboard and Driver App)
    • Drivers can create separate inspections for Vehicles and Assets from the Driver App
    • Fleet admins can configure separate settings, view separate inspections, configure separate alerts for vehicle and asset inspections

    Create a daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR) on the Driver App

    View Inspection Report details 

    View a Vehicle Inspection report and Location  

    Inspection Details Page (Driver App) 
    • New Inspection Details page added
    • The Edit and Delete option for Inspection Report moved under the Inspection Details page from Inspections page. 
    Edit or Delete an Inspection Report in Driver App

    Inspection Form Settings (Fleet Dashboard)

    • Separate Access point for Inspection Forms on Admin section of the Fleet Dashboard
    • New settings available - 
      • Mandate drivers to inspect all parts
      • Mandate drivers to add photos in case of defects
      • Mandate drivers to add notes in case of defects
      • Setting to disallow mechanic signature from the Driver App

    Create an Inspection Form from Fleet Dashboard 

    View and Download Driver's Inspection Reports

    License Plate Number For Canadian Inspections (Driver App and Fleet Dashboard) License plate number added to the Canadian Inspection flow, which will eliminate manual driver input  Create an Inspection Form from Fleet Dashboard 



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