How to install the Bendix Integration cable

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    The Motive and Bendix integration allows customers to easily send data from their Bendix Safety Direct Processor to a web-based Bendix Safety Portal via the Motive Vehicle Gateway.


    Steps: Installing the Bendix Integration cable


    Items needed for installation

    1. Motive Vehicle Gateway
    2. Cable-5000
    3. Bendix SafetyDirect Processor (already installed in vehicle)
    4. Zip Ties

    Installing Bendix integration cable

    1. Locate the 3-pin Bendix connector in the vehicle. Connector location varies in different vehicle models.

    a. For Volvo trucks, the 3-pin Bendix connector is in the center console, in the fuse panel area.


    b. For the Mack Pinnacle truck, the 3-pin connector is also in the center console.


    c. For Mack Anthem trucks, the 3-pin connector is located in the passenger dash around the knee area.



    d. For Peterbilt trucks, the Bendix 3-pin connector is found in the driver side kick panel.


    e. In International ProStar trucks, the Bendix 3-pin connector is typically in the driver side kick panel for sleeper cabs and passenger kick for day cabs.


    f. For Freightliner and Western Star vehicles, the 3-pin Bendix connector is in the passenger kick panel.

    g. Kenworth truck models after July 2017 have the Bendix 3-pin connector located inside the center of the overhead as shown below. Kenworth truck models before July 2017 have the connectors located in the driver-side kick panel.


    2. Once you have located the Bendix 3-pin connector, connect Cable-5000 to the Bendix SafetyDirect Processor. Use the remaining length of cable (and zip ties if necessary) to route it to the mounted Motive Vehicle Gateway.

    3. Connect Cable-5000 in between the Motive Vehicle Gateway and the Motive vehicle cable, as shown below:


    4. Start the engine of your vehicle. To manually test if the Motive Vehicle Gateway and Bendix technology are connected, use the manual event button on the Bendix device to trigger an event. If connected, this event will be viewable in the Bendix Safety Direct Portal. Customers can try this manual test in advance of the system officially establishing the connection, which can take up to 48 hours.

    5. The process to establish and formalize the connection between the two devices can take some time. Please estimate 48 hours. Once the connection is enabled, the main Motive / Bendix customer POC will receive an automated email confirmation from Motive.

    6. Fleet Managers and Admin can also confirm that the Motive Vehicle Gateway and Bendix are connected by navigating to the Reports from the Motive Fleet Dashboard and clicking into the pre-built report titled Bendix Connection Status. If the connection was successful, the report will have data populated in it. Please note that this may take up to 48 hours to populate.



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