How to view trips identified and matched by AI

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View  



    Once the Fleet Admins have enabled the AI identification method, Fleet Managers can easily view the trips identified and matched by AI, in the Fleet View section of their Fleet Dashboard.

    Note: This feature is available for customers on the Enterprise & Pro subscription packages. 
    • Driver Privacy: Enabling Face Match AI requires confirmation that all necessary consents have been secured from vehicle operators in accordance with the law. Face Match does not function within the State of Illinois.


    Steps: Viewing trips identified and matched by AI

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and select the Trips tab from Fleet View.


    2. Filter the Trips report for AI assigned or AI identified trips or scroll through the Trips report to identify labels in the Driver column that say AI Identified or AI Assigned - these labels indicate that a driver was identified using one of the two AI identification methods that may be enabled.


    • AI Identified: The driver has been identified as a potential candidate for the trip, but the assignment is pending. This option is ideal for testing AI identification in your fleet and determining whether manual trip assignments are preferable.
    • AI Assigned: The driver has been identified and automatically assigned to the trip, streamlining workflows by promptly matching drivers to their assigned trips. Each AI Assigned trip will contain an automatic note applied to the trip detail by Motive.

    3. Hover over the AI Identified or AI Assigned label to learn more about how the driver was identified.


    4. For AI Identified or Unidentified trips, click on the trip for more details or use the Assign Trip option from the hover to quickly assign the trip.


    The trip assignment model automatically populates for an AI Identified driver.

    5. To view an AI Identified or AI Assigned trip detail, click on the trip for more details.

    Note: For drivers who are in ELD mode, the trip remains pending until the log edit suggestion sent by Motive is reviewed and accepted by the driver. However, ELD-exempt drivers are automatically assigned without needing a review to complete the assignment.

    Example of a pending assignment for drivers enabled on ELD mode:


    Example for ELD-exempt drivers:

    AI Trips 5.png


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