How to reassign a trip matched by AI

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    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View > Trips



    Motive’s Driver Identification uses advanced AI technology to identify and match drivers to unidentified trips and automatically assigns them to the driver within minutes. Drivers on ELD mode receive AI-assigned trip notifications as Log edit suggestions and must review and accept these assignments via the Motive Driver App.

    Drivers exempt from electronic logs are assigned automatically to trips and require no action. These trips can be viewed on the Fleet Dashboard and the Driver App.

    Note: This feature is available for customers on the Enterprise & Pro subscription package. 

    • Driver Privacy: Enabling Face Match AI requires confirmation that all necessary consents have been secured from vehicle operators in accordance with the law. Face Match does not function within the State of Illinois.



    Steps: Reassigning a trip matched by AI

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and click the Trips tab in Fleet View.


    2. Filter trips with “AI assigned” label from Assignment, and locate the trip you want to reassign.


    3. Click on the trip to view the trip details.

    image (4).png

    4. Click on the Reassign button in the upper right corner.

    Reassign AI trip 4.png

    5. Select the Driver Name from the dropdown, add a Note to the trip, and click Assign when complete.

    AI suggested trip step 5.png


    Note: For trips assigned to drivers on ELD mode, the driver must approve the reassignment when it appears on the Driver App screen as a Log edit suggestion.

    For ELD-exempt drivers, you can reassign the trips to an unidentified Driver or a new driver because no review or acceptance is required to reassign the trip to the correct driver.




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