What is Motive Single Sign On (SSO)?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Enterprise Subscription Plan 



    Enterprises use multiple systems and application tools to run their operations, which means users are often logging into and switching between multiple apps and websites. This makes Enterprise Security more challenging.

    Motive introduces Single Sign On (SSO) for the customers to log into Motive with more safety and less hassle. With the help of our SSO integration, one set of login credentials gives Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, and Drivers access to all workspace applications.

    Note: Enterprise Subscription Plan is required to have SSO enabled for your fleet


    How Single Sign On Helps You?

    Motive’s Single Sign On simplifies the end-user experience, improves security, and makes it easier for you to manage the access and permissions at scale.


    Single Sign On Overview


    Supported Identity Providers

    A list of supported identity providers for access to your Motive platform can be found here.
    Motive supports both Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-initiated) SSO, as well as Service Provider (SP-initiated) SSO. The SP-initiated login enables the user to sign in with the IDP from the Motive dashboard login.

    Note: To set up SSO for your fleet, for any of the listed identity providers, please reach out to us at ssosupport@gomotive.com or your designated Customer Success Manager.


    Supported Authentication Protocols

    Motive supports both Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocols.


    Logging in via SSO

    Once you have SSO enabled, you can log into the Motive Dashboard or Mobile Apps:
    1. Motive Dashboard users: Simply click on the button on Motive Dashboard that says ‘Login in with SSO’


    2. Log in directly from IdP (Identity Provider log in)


    Mobile Apps: Fleet Managers and Drivers can tap the button on the Motive Fleet App or Driver App that says ‘Login in with SSO’



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