How to view your vehicle's Utilization details

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    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Fuel 



    You can identify the idle time, drive time, and fuel consumption under Utilization. We will calculate the amount of fuel consumed while the vehicle was stationary with the ignition on or moving. The Utilization detail allows Fleet Managers to analyze idle time or drive time for specific vehicles and Drivers.

    Note: This feature is only available to fleets that have Motive Pro subscriptions. If you would like to access the Utilization feature, please call our sales line at (855) 434 3564.


    Steps: Viewing vehicle's Utilization details 

    1. From the Motive Fleet Dashboard, click on Fuel in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on the Vehicles tab. This will open the Fuel Hub for vehicles where you can track essential details of your vehicles.


    3. You can view the Utilization details by clicking on any vehicle name.

    • Utilization is calculated by dividing the time the vehicle was doing productive work (driving/PTO) by the total time the vehicle engine was on.
    • Utilization = (1 - Idle Time / Engine On) %.

    You may filter by Date, Drivers, and Vehicles to narrow down your search.


    4. You can view all the idling events contributing to a vehicle’s Utilization percentage under the IDLING section. 


    Note: Idle Time indicates the amount of time a vehicle is idle, but the engine is running, which results in fuel being wasted. Idle Fuel indicates the amount of fuel consumed while that vehicle is idle.

    5. To view the Total Idling column, click on the Idling Events tab.


    6. You can also access different Utilization reports in the Reports section.

    7. Click on Reports from the left-hand side menu.

    8. In the Browse section, click on the Utilization tab. These reports include:

    • Driver’s Vehicle Utilization: Summary of all idling time and driving time by the Driver
      Idling Events: Details of all idling events by day
    • Vehicle Utilization: Summary of all idling time and driving time by vehicle



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