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    The Motive Chat Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot that is trained to help you with common questions/issues. If the chatbot doesn’t have the answer, it immediately connects you with a support agent via the same Chat window.

    Motive Chat Assistant is the easiest and most efficient way to contact Motive Support when you have a question or issue. Chat is available 24x7 so you don’t have to connect with customer support for help over the phone. 

    Motive Chat Assistant understands short phrases and keywords the best, so remember to keep your question short to help your issue get resolved quickly. For example, here is what we suggest to type into Chat for the following questions/issues:


    Example 1

    Your question/issue: I want to put in some missing time in Alex’s logs.

    Type to Chat Assistant: How to edit logs


    Example 2

    Your question/issue: How do I add 7 Drivers to my company? 

    Type to Chat Assistant: How to add Drivers


    Example 3

    Your question/issue: How can I edit my Driver’s logs?

    Type to Chat Assistant: Edit logs


    Steps: Using Motive chat assistant 

    Using the Motive chat assistant on the Motive Help Center 

    1. Navigate to the Motive Help Center and click the chat icon in the bottom right.  

    step 2.png

    2. Type in your query and get the required help. 

    step 3.png


    Using Motive chat assistant on Fleet Dashboard 

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click the help icon (question mark) at the bottom left corner. 

    2. The Motive Chat box displays. Select one option, or type in your question or search query.

    3. Click the arrow to search the query. 

    Motive chat.png

    3. The Chat Assistant tries to help you automatically with existing content or redirects you to a live support agent if it can’t help you.

    Motive Chat 3.png


    Using Motive chat assistant on the Driver App 

    1. Log in to your Driver App and tap the hamburger icon. 

    2. Tap Help & Support.

    support 1 2 .png

    3. Tap Motive Chat.  

    support 3 .png

    4. Type in your query and get help. 

    support 4 .png


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