How to create Long Idling Alerts from Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Alerts



    • Fleet Admins can configure the Long Idling Alerts on the Fleet Dashboard along with the idling duration threshold, alert recipients, vehicles, and geofences for which the alerts should be generated.
    • Fleet Managers receive real-time Long Idling Alerts on the email and push notifications with the driver, vehicle, and location details and the drivers to stop idling immediately.
    • Drivers receive real-time long idling alerts on the Driver App as a push notification to stop the idling immediately.


    Steps: Creating Long Idling Alerts


    Creating Long Idling Alerts

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and click on Admin icon in the left hand-side menu.


    2. Click on Alerts from PLATFORM dropdown on the left.
    3. The Alerts page will display, click on + Create Alerts button.

    Alert Create.png

    4. In the Alerts Details section, type the Name for the alert and search for Idling from Alert type.


    Note: You can search from the dropdown menu or write Idling manually in the Search bar.



    5. After you select Idling in the Alert type, a few more options will appear asking you to specify threshold duration. You can choose the Company threshold or set the Custom threshold limit yourself.



    Note: If the Company threshold settings are not pre-defined, go to Long Idling Settings on the Company page and set them up.


    6. You can also set the geofence area for the Trigger alert.


    7. Click on Select under the Entities section to select the Vehicles you want to create the alert for. All entities will be selected by default. You can select and deselect the Vehicles by checking or unchecking the boxes.

    8. Click on Save Selection.


    9. Scroll down to the Delivery section and click on Select to choose the Fleet Managers and Drivers you want to receive the alerts.


    Note: All Fleet Managers will be selected by default. You can select and deselect the Fleet Managers by checking or unchecking the boxes.


    10. Click on Update.


    11. Check the box for Important to flag the alert as important in emails and notifications.

    12. The Delivery frequency is selected as Immediate since these alerts are real-time.

    13. Select the Delivery method through which you want the Recipients to receive the real-time alerts. You can select Email & notifications, Notifications only, or Email only.

    14. You can also select External Recipients to receive these alerts.

    15. Click on Save.




    Long Idling Notifications for Managers and Drivers

    1. The real-time Long Idling email alerts that Fleet Managers will receive on their desktop will appear like this;


    2. When Drivers cross the idling duration set by the company, they will receive a real-time actionable push notification on their driver app. It will appear like this;


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