How to view Maintenance History Detail Report

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    Motive helps you stay on top of maintenance by maintaining records of services completed and providing dedicated reports for upcoming and overdue maintenance services so you can spend less time dealing with unscheduled downtime and more time keeping your fleet running.

    The Maintenance History Detail Report provides Fleet Managers a holistic view of vehicle and asset health by keeping track of all vehicle and asset maintenance history and associated details.

    The Maintenance Reminders Detail Report allows Fleet Managers to be proactive with maintenance by notifying them of preventative maintenance alerts based on days, miles, or engine hours. Read more on this here.

    Note: Maintenance Reports are only enabled for all customers who are on a Pro plan or above.


    Steps: Viewing Maintenance History Detail Report 

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard. Click on Reports on the left-hand side menu. This displays the Reports page.

    2. With Browse selected in the side panel, click on Maintenance under the Browse section.

    3. Here, click on Maintenance History Detail.


    The Maintenance History Detail report displays the following information listed under different columns:

    Date: The date when the maintenance data was captured
    Vehicle/Asset: The vehicle or asset name
    Service Type: The type of service for the vehicle or asset
    Note: Notes added for the service done
    Cost: Cost incurred on the service
    Fleet Manager: The person who added the service note
    Odometer: The odometer reading for the vehicle or asset on the date of service
    Engine Hours: The engine hours for the vehicle or asset on the date of service


    4. The top of the page displays various filters like Date, Select Groups, Vehicles and Assets, Search Notes and Select Fleet Manager, allowing you to customize your view of the report.


    5. To select the date range for which you would like to view the Maintenance History Detail Report, click on the Date filter and select a date range of your choice.


    6. You can also select a group of your choice and view the report for it. To do so, click on the Select Groups filter and select a group of your choice from the dropdown. (Learn more about Creating and Viewing Groups here.)


    7. To view the Maintenance History Detail Report for a particular vehicle or asset, click on Vehicles and Assets and select the vehicle or asset of your choice.


    8. To search different notes containing the references that you just entered, type the phrase inside the Search Notes search bar and click Enter.


    9. You can also view the Maintenance History Detail Report based on the person who added the service note. Click on Select Fleet Manager and choose one from the dropdown list.


    10. To export the Maintenance History Detail Report, click on Options in the top-right corner.
    11. Click on Export as PDF or Export as CSV as per your choice.


    12. You will receive a download link for the report at your email address registered with the Motive Fleet Dashboard account. This information displays as a notification at the top of the page.


    13. Find the email from Motive in your inbox and click on the link inside to download the report.


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