How to view your dashcam video side-by-side?

    Audience Fleet Managers
    Applies To Smart Dashcam, AI Dashcam



    For events captured with a dual-facing dashcam, customers can now choose between :

    • Side-by-side view
    • Picture-in-picture view

    This can be done by using a toggle selector at the bottom of any video event captured from a Dual Facing Dashcam.


    Note: This applies to both the event detail and request detail page. The side-by-side view is only available for road and dual-facing dashcam videos.


    Steps: Viewing dashcam videos side-by-side

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click on Safety in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on the Events tab.

    3. Filter your events by date, severity, drivers or vehicles, event type, and coaching status.

    4. Select the event you would like to view.


    Note: This feature is also available for Requested videos.



    5. The dashcam video will display in picture-in-picture format by default. To switch to side-by-side view, click on the toggle at the bottom.



    Note: To switch back to Picture-in-Picture (PIP) view, click on the toggle button again.



    The Motive Fleet Dashboard will remember your viewing preference for future events


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