Assign Vehicle to a Motive Card Transaction for IFTA Purpose

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard 



    Fleet Admins can automatically sync their Motive Card fuel purchases on Fleet Dashboard for IFTA reporting. This article explains how to assign vehicles to the Posted transactions, which generates a fuel receipt.


    Steps: Assigning Vehicle to the transaction for IFTA Fuel Receipts Generation

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click on Cards in the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click on Transactions.
    Transaction tab displays all your Posted, Pending, Declined, Reversed, and Refunded transactions depending on the status.


    3. Click the arrow beside the transaction to open the details. You can assign vehicle numbers to Posted transactions via the Assign option under the same transaction.


    Note: You can’t assign a vehicle to any Pending transaction and can’t see the option to assign a vehicle until that transaction shows up as Posted. Posted transactions that do not have a vehicle assigned have the Assign option under the driver name with the vehicle icon.



    4. Once you assign a vehicle to a transaction, a fuel receipt is generated and uploaded to the Fuel Purchases section in the Fuel tab.


    Note: You can’t generate a fuel receipt against any transaction until a vehicle is assigned to that transaction in the Cards tab.



    5. Once you assign a particular charge to the vehicle, then you can also Edit the vehicle number for the same charge.


    6. Click the blue Fuel Purchase option at the bottom of the same transaction to navigate to the fuel receipt that is generated against the transaction you’ve assigned to a vehicle.


    7. The fuel receipt has all the details of the transaction. You can upload a picture of the receipt if required, as no picture is uploaded by default.


    Note: The fuel purchases are completely editable and you can change the details of the fuel purchases if required.


    8. To delete a fuel purchase click the three dots right next to the Edit Purchase button and select Delete from the dropdown menu.


    All the transactions that have a vehicle assigned to them are populated in the Fuel Purchase section of the Fuel tab on the left-hand side.



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