How to install Autotap Kit (ACC-VG-002)


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    Applies To  Autotap Kit (ACC-VG-002)



    The Autotap Kit is a cable system that allows Motive Vehicle Gateway to communicate with older/OEM-specific OBD-II vehicle networks, and typically applies to light duty vehicles that are 2007 or older. 


    Installation Requirements

    What comes in the box?

    • Cable 3070
    • Cable 3071
    • The Autotap Box


    1. Plug the male 9-pin connector into the female 9-pin port located on the AutoTap.

    2. Insert the male 15-pin connector located on the Motive Vehicle Gateway into the 15-pin female end
    of the cable.


    3. Now, to connect Vehicle Gateway + AutoTap to Vehicle, insert the male 15-pin connector into the opposite side of the AutoTap.

    4. In the vehicle, verify that the engine is OFF. Then, plug the male OBD-II 16-pin connector into vehicle’s
    diagnostic port.

    5. Start the vehicle and let it run. After approximately two minutes, the right-side indicator should start
    flashing red indicating a successful connection to the vehicle.

    6. If the engine is running and the right-side indicator is flashing red, the installation is complete and you may turn off the engine. If the right-side indicator remains solid red (not flashing), recheck the connections, and if necessary, please contact Motive support.


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