AtoB integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Audience AtoB and Motive Customers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Marketplace



    AtoB protects against fraud by integrating with Motive's telematics data to decline charges when a vehicle is not in close proximity to the merchant.


    Integration Benefits

    • Protects against fuel card fraud
    • Protects against fuel theft


    System Requirements


    • N/A


    • Subscription plan: Pro or Enterprise


    Steps: Enabling AtoB integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Note: To enable this integration, ensure you’re a mutual customer of Motive and AtoB.

    1. Click Get this App.
    2. As this integration is built on API Keys, the integration involves the API support team to authenticate the installation and share a private API key. 
    3. This integration is set up from the AtoB system as well. To set up the integration Log in to the AtoB dashboard.
    4. Select Telematics. Click Connect.
    5. Select Motive. Click Connect.
    6. Enter the API Key provided by Motive.


    Support for Integration



    Phone: 844-944-2862

    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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