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    The Wolsey-Tech HR tracker is a rig-tracking intranet that allows companies within the oil and gas industry to manage and organize crews, equipment and jobs intuitively and professionally. Wolsey-Tech HR offers safety forms, payroll and paperwork to be easily filled with their HR implementation. 


    Integration Benefits

    • The Wolsey-tech HR/Motive tracker strives to remove as much paperwork from your office as possible. Everything from technical manuals, reports, timesheets to tickets is stored and cataloged within the system and can be retrieved from anywhere at any time.
    • In this integration with Motive, the system is able to support the drivers and keep logs secured and double-checked with the employee timesheets.


    System Requirements


    • There is no specific requirement by Wolsey. Their team works with you to design and customize your HR tracker that fits your company.


    • Wolsey Tech HR integration is built on OAUTH 2.0.
    • It is available for customers at the Starter, Pro and Enterprise package at Motive.


    Steps: Enabling Wolsey integration with Motive App Marketplace

    To enable the integration, select the tile on the Motive App Marketplace.

    1. Visit the Motive App Marketplace or go to the App Marketplace tab via the Fleet Dashboard.
    2. Click Get this App.
    3. As the integration is built on OAuth, you’re navigated to Detail Permissions View of integration to click Install.
    4. This leads you to a form that gives Wolsey the contact details, and an associate from Wolsey contacts you as soon as possible.


    Support for Integration


    Email: service@wolsey.tech.com 

    Phone: N/A

    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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