How to install Vehicle Gateway using Fleet App


    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
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    Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins, and Installers can now install and onboard Vehicle Gateway with Motive Fleet App without going to the Fleet Dashboard. The Fleet App supports the following workflows:

    1. Installing a new Vehicle Gateway device to a new vehicle
    2. Installing a new Vehicle Gateway device to an existing vehicle
    3. Replacing a Vehicle Gateway device on an existing vehicle
    4. Moving a Vehicle Gateway device from one vehicle to another vehicle
    Note: Check the installation video to walk you through the process. Also, you can only add the vehicle on the Fleet App after adding Vehicle Gateway.  


    Steps: Onboarding Vehicle Gateway using Fleet App

    This article below walks through 1st use case - installing a new Vehicle Gateway device on a new vehicle below. For 2, 3, and 4 above, the Fleet App provides step-by-step guidance similar to the steps below. 


    Creating a Vehicle profile and assigning Vehicle Gateway

    1. Log in to the Fleet App and tap Devices at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Tap Install Vehicle Gateway.


    3. Scan the serial number barcode of the new Vehicle Gateway. It can be found on the upper right corner of the sticker on the back of the Vehicle Gateway or on the packaging box in which the device arrived.


    4. Tap Continue once the serial number is identified.


    5. Tap Enter VIN Manually to enter the VIN number of the vehicle yourself or scan it.


    6. If you tapped Enter VIN Manually, enter the VIN number.

    7. Tap Next.


    8. If you decided to scan the VIN, press Continue once it has been scanned.


    9. Check the vehicle details created based on VIN data like Make/Model/Year/Fuel Type data, is correct. Tap Confirm.


    10. Give the vehicle a unique ID consistent with your fleet naming convention.

    Note: Vehicle ID can't be changed later. Please enter it correctly.


    11. Once the vehicle details are confirmed, your vehicle will be added to your fleet and your selected Vehicle Gateway will be assigned to this vehicle. Once assigned, tap Continue.



    Mounting and installing Vehicle Gateway

    1. Check your cable type to ensure you have the right cable for the installation. The cable type should be confirmed by checking the label on the cable. Tap on Continue.


    2. Plug the 15-pin connector into the Vehicle Gateway and the other end of the cable into your vehicle’s diagnostic port.


    3. Peel off the adhesive backing and securely position the device using the provided zip ties. Areas highlighted in blue show recommended install locations and click Next.

    4. Tap Learn More to check the installation video on the vehicle and more detailed vehicle-specific installation steps.


    5. Both LED lights on the Vehicle Gateway will be illuminated. The left-side LED will turn green to show a strong cellular/GPS connection. Tap Next.


    6. Your device may receive a software update the first time it is installed in which both LED lights will blink white and yellow. Do not move the vehicle until the left-side LED turns green and the update is complete. Tap Next.


    7. Keep tapping next to read more about LED lights and the status of your installation. Once your Vehicle Gateway has been installed, you will get the following screen. Tap View this vehicle to see the vehicle profile with location information being updated.


    8. The latest location information can be found on the newly installed Vehicle Gateway.

    Note: The location information may take time to update depending on the cellular connectivity in the location where you are installing the device.




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