What are Recap Hours/Rolling Over Hours?


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    Recap hours are the hours worked on the first day of the cycle, and the remaining hours will be added after the last day of the cycle. The application of recap hours includes: 

    • It cannot be used if the clocks are zero; the driver then must take a 34-hour restart.
    • The cycle hours include the Driving and On Duty hours.
    • If the driver takes 34 hours to reset before the 9th day, the driver will get a new cycle with a full 70 hours.
    • The concept is the same for the 60-hour / 7-day cycle, i.e., on the 8th day, the driver will get hours worked on the first day + any remaining time in the cycle.
    • Drivers can drive without taking the 34-hour restart.

    The explanation in the table forms is written below: 

    Number of Days 70 hours / 8 Days Cycle Hours Worked (Driving & On Duty)  Hours remaining in Cycle
    1st Day First Day of Cycle 70 hours 7 hours 63 hours
    2nd Day 63 hours 3 hours 60 hours
    3rd Day 60 hours 11 hours 49 hours
    4rth Day 49 hours 9 hours 40 hours
    5th Day 40 hours 7 hours 33 hours
    6th Day 33 hours 8 hours 25 hours
    7th Day  25 hours 11 Hours 14 hours
    8th Day  14 hours 11 Hours 3 hours
    Calculation Hours Worked on First Day: 7 Hours Hours Remaining in Cycle: 3 hours
    9th Day  Total Driver will get 7 hours for first day + 3 hours remaining = 10 hours


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