2023-August-19th Announcement: Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Release Date

    The new feature will be available to all users by Aug 19th, 2023.



    Wi-Fi Hotspot updates allow fleets to get a simplified way to understand data usage, help ensure drivers use wifi hotspots for business purposes, and ensure that drivers remain compliant all the time.


    Wi-Fi Hotspot Overview

    Once the new feature rolls out, you will notice the following changes:

    1. We are showing true Wi-Fi hotspots rather than combining all the data together.
    2. We no longer shut off devices when they hit their limit but instead throttling them.
    3. We are blacklisting streaming sites so that people aren’t able to abuse data.
    4. We are providing better visibility of the hotspot status and data used month-over-month.
    5. We have lowered the allotment to its true amount to remove the added data for other sources.
    6. We are lowering the vehicle threshold to prevent abuse from individual users.
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    True Wifi Hotspot Usage
    • Previously we combined all data usage into a single amount. Now we are separating out Wi-Fi hotspots so you can see how much data is being used each month for only Wi-Fi hotspots

    Throttling Devices

    • Rather than shutting off the hotspot, we are keeping the hotspot on but lowering the speed. This ensures drivers can keep using the Motive Driver App, but other streaming apps will be much slower and harder to use. This will help drivers stay compliant.
    Blacklisting Sites
    • We are now blocking major streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, TikTok, HBO, and others to prevent abuse from drivers
    Hotspot Status and Reporting
    • We provide a seamless way to view the status of Wi-Fi hotspot in Fleet View, the vehicle profile, and reports. We also have historical reporting to view Wi-Fi hotspot usage month over month.
    Wi-Fi data limit
    • We have removed the added buffer in the allotment so that the focus is on Wi-Fi hotspot data only.
    • We have lowered the default threshold for each vehicle to ensure that individual vehicles don’t take up all the data for the fleet.


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