How to unlock a Motive Card assigned to a vehicle?

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    There are two  ways through which cardholders can unlock the Motive Card assigned to a vehicle:


    Motive Card unlock through the Motive Driver App

    Cardholders can log in to the Motive Driver App (version 66.0 or higher).

    1. Log in to Motive Driver App and tap on the left navigation menu. Select Motive Card.


    2. In the Driver App, tap Tap to unlock a vehicle card.


    3. Enter the Card ID and tap Unlock.

    Note: The Card ID is a 1 to 6-digit number located at the front of the Motive Card above the company name.



    The vehicle card gets unlocked for the next 30 minutes for doing transactions and then it gets locked automatically.


    4. Tap Available to spend today to view the spending limit per transaction for the daily, weekly, monthly, and whole billing cycle. You can also know places where you can use this card.

    5. If the Driver wants to unlock a new vehicle card, they can choose to do so by tapping on ‘Use a different vehicle card’.


    Motive Card unlock using text SMS

    1. Cardholders can send the Card ID, a 1 to 6-digit number located on the front of the card above the company name, via SMS to Motive at (408) 645-7882.


    2. Once the cardholder's Card ID is verified, the card gets unlocked and a confirmation SMS is sent to the Driver. They can then use their card for 30 minutes, after which the card is automatically locked again.

    Note: If you have sent the wrong Card ID), you receive a message informing you that Motive doesn’t recognize this card number.


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