Points to remember while purchasing fuel with the Motive Card



    Fleet Admins, Drivers

    Applies to Motive Card



    Motive has provided Fuel card services so that the customer can use the card to pay for fuel and the data gets automatically populated under the fuel hub and IFTA fuel reports.


    For Drivers:

    Perform necessary checks while performing Motive Fuel Card transactions:

    • You must be connected to the vehicle properly via using the Driver App and there should be two green lights on the Vehicle Gateway.
    • You must have an active internet connection. 
    • You need to make sure that the Vehicle is selected in the Motive Fuel Receipts.

    NOTE: If the Motive Fuel Card data doesn't show up in the Fuel Hub then your Fleet Admin needs to perform necessary checks for the data to be reflected in the Fuel Hub.


    For Fleet Admins:

    1. Login to the Fleet Admin dashboard
    2. Click on Cards
    3. Click on transactions 
    4. Search Driver name and apply date filter

    Screenshot - 2023-10-26T170301.037.png

     5. Find Motive Card Fuel Receipts with no Vehicles selected and click the truck icon

    Screenshot - 2023-10-26T170630.610.png

     6. Click on Assign 

     7. Select Vehicle from the drop-down menu

    Screenshot - 2023-10-26T170738.089.png

     8. Once the vehicle is selected, tap on Assign

    Screenshot - 2023-10-26T170818.996.png

    By following this, the data will be populated in the Fuel reports. 




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