What is the Missed Savings feature?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Motive Cards



    The Missed Savings feature is designed to help Fleet Managers identify missed savings opportunities with the Motive Card and provide coaching to Drivers who are missing out on significant savings. It also allows monitoring missed savings to improve overall cost management.


    How the Missed Savings feature Helps You

    1. It helps Fleets increase savings and reduce fuel costs.

    2. It helps Fleet Managers pinpoint specific instances where Drivers missed potential savings.

    3. It enables Fleet Managers to provide effective coaching to Drivers based on data-driven insights by communicating alternate fuel stations that could have been used to maximize savings.


    Missed Savings feature Overview


    Receive Spend & Saving Summary via Email

    Fleet Managers, who receive Account Management emails, will receive a new email per billing cycle (the email will be sent weekly in case of daily billing cycle) containing a summary of spend and savings for cardholders. This includes spending categories, cardholders with the highest spending, missed savings, etc. Refer to this article to update the email recipient list. 


    Enable the View Missed Savings Permission

    Fleet Managers with the View Missed Savings permission can access detailed missed savings information for their Fleet in the Cards > Missed Savings section. Fleet Admins can enable this permission for Fleet Managers, and it is enabled by default for Fleet Admins.


    Detailed Views for Missed Savings 

    Main View

    The Missed Savings tab in the Cards section on the Fleet Dashboard organizes missed savings by cardholders or merchants. It contains two tabs, Cardholders and Merchants. Fleet Managers can open the detailed view for any cardholder or merchant to review recommendations or take necessary action.


    Cardholder View

    In this view, Fleet Managers can review any specific cardholder's information for the selected dates. This includes missed savings, visited merchants, transactions done at these merchants, available alternatives for savings, and directions to alternative merchants on the map.



    Merchant View (Coming soon)

    In this view, Fleet Managers can access any specific merchant’s details, including spending and missed savings, cardholders who visited these merchants and when they visited, transactions made, etc. This helps them decide whether to block certain merchants or coach Drivers to use alternatives for better savings.

    Note: The Merchant View is in the development phase and scheduled for launch soon.



    Transaction View

    Selecting any transaction in the Cardholder or Merchant view takes the user to the Transaction view. In this view, Fleet Managers can review comprehensive transaction details, including missed savings data and available alternatives for each transaction.


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