How to Add a Driver to Your Company

    Audience Fleet Admin
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard


    Add a driver to your company through the Motive Fleet Dashboard so they can connect themselves to a Vehicle Gateway on their Motive Driver App. This way, they can complete their inspection reports, send messages, and even upload documents such as fuel receipts.


    Steps: Adding a driver

    Add a Logs Required Driver

    1.  On the Motive Fleet Dashboard, click on Admin in the left-hand side menu. This displays the Drivers page with a list of drivers in your company.
    2. To create a driver profile, click on Drivers in the Organization drop-down menu and click on Add Driver in the top-right corner.
    enforce 1.png

    3. Under the Account and Security section, fill in the required information.
    4. Enter the Name, Driver ID and Phone.
    5. Select a license issuing state from the License drop-down and type a License number in the field next to it.
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    Note: License and Jurisdiction are required for ELD mode-enabled drivers in order to remain in compliance.
    6. In the Security section, enter an email and Password for the driver account or click Generate Password to create one.
    Note: If your driver’s email address is already in use with Motive, see: How to add a driver who exists with another company?
    enforce 3.png

    7. Under the section Hours of Service Compliance, select the Required tab.  

    Note: If your driver does not require logs, use the steps in Add a Logs Not Required Driver instead.

    8. Select between the ELD and Electronic Logbook.
    enforce 4.png

    9. Select a Home Terminal Time Zone by clicking on the dropdown given for it.
    10. Choose the option for Odometer from Miles and Kilometers tab.
    enforce 5.png


    Add a Logs Not Required Driver

    1. Follow steps 1 to 6 from the section above.
    2. Under the Hours of Service Compliance section, click on the Not Required box.
    3. Add the Exempt Reason. 
    4. Click on +Assign Vehicle to assign a vehicle to the driver.
    enforce 6.png
    Doing so will open the Assign Vehicle dialog box with a list of vehicles.
    5. Click on the radio button of the vehicle you want to assign.
    6. Click on the Assign button.
    enforce 7.png
    7. Click on the Save button when done.
    enforce 8.png


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