How to add users to the company on Fleet Dashboard

    Audience  Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Admin 



    As an Admin, you might need to add users to your company every now and then. Fleet Dashboard enables the Fleet Admins to add as many users (Admins, Managers, Supervisors, etc.) to their company as desired at any time.


    Steps- Adding users to the company on Fleet Dashboard 

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click the Admin icon on the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on Fleet Users on the left-hand side menu.

    3. Click on the +Add User button in the top-right corner of the page.

    Screenshot (38).png

    4. Enter the required information including NameEmailPhone, etc. 

    5. You can either enter a password of your choice in the Password field or click on the Generate Password button.

    6. Select the role for the user you’re adding to your company by clicking on the dropdown of Role.

    7. Click on the Groups dropdown to give the new user access to one or multiple groups of your choice.


    8. Once done, click on the Add button in the top-right corner.


    The new user receives an email on the Email ID you entered, with a link that allows them to log into the dashboard with their credentials. 

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