How to upgrade/ update Vehicle Gateway Firmware

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    It is essential for the Drivers to keep their Vehicle Gateway updated to enjoy the benefits of the new features and have older features work more efficiently.

    Steps- Updating Vehicle Gateway Firmware

    Update Cellular Vehicle Gateways

    1. The Cellular Vehicle Gateway usually automatically downloads a new update when available.

    2. Install the downloaded firmware update by turning the truck engine off and waiting for approximately 5 minutes.

    3. Turn the key to the A/C powered ignition position without fully turning on the engine.

    4. Keep the key in the same position for another 5-10 minutes. This will allow the OTA update to be completed.

    5. Once the firmware installation is in progress, Vehicle Gateway versions 3.6 and higher start blinking Yellow and White LED indications.

    6. For Vehicle Gateway version 3.55 or lower, the firmware installation is indicated by the blinking Orange and Green LED indications. More details on Vehicle Gateway LED are linked here.


    Update Non-Cellular Vehicle Gateways

    1. Log into the Motive Driver App with a stable internet connection. 

    2. Connect to the desired vehicle requiring a Vehicle Gateway update. 

    3. Turn the vehicle’s ignition to accessory mode. Make sure the vehicle is not moving and the Vehicle Gateway's lights are on. 

    4. On the Driver App, select the vehicle and make sure the symbol is Green in the top-right corner.

    Note: The lights on the Vehicle Gateway should both be solid Green in color.

    1. The Driver App will automatically start uploading the update to the Vehicle Gateway once you are connected. This process can take about  2-3 minutes.

    2. On the ELD Diagnostics screen, view the progress in the Firmware section.

    3. Learn to view the ELD Diagnostics screen here.

    Note: The update file is delivered in chunks so it will continue where it left off in case your Driver App gets disconnected, or you need to drive during the transfer.

    1. Once the transfer is 100% complete, under the Firmware and Configuration sections on the ELD Diagnostics screen, Update 6XXXX pending transfer appears. 

    2. Turn off the vehicle engine for 1 minute, and make sure the Vehicle Gateway's lights remain on. The device will install the new update and reboot itself.

    Note: The lights on the Vehicle Gateway will be flashing Green during the firmware installation. This is normal behavior.

    1. Once the Vehicle Gateway has fully rebooted, it is updated, and you can continue to use the device normally. The Firmware section on the ELD Diagnostics screen displays Up to date.


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