Coaching Drivers on Motive Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety (Pro and Enterprise Subscribers) 



    Motive’s coaching workspace, located in the Coaching on the Fleet Dashboard, generates a list of coachable Drivers based on their driving performance trends and compliance issues. This helps Fleet Managers better manage which Drivers need attention without having to sift through individual events/logs.


    Note: This feature is in the beta phase and is going to be released in August 2024.


    Coaching Overview

    • [Safety events only] Drivers are automatically added to the list when at least one of their safety events has the Coachable status.
      • Motive’s automated coaching feature automatically marks events as Coachable for Enterprise subscription customers, while Pro customers need to manually mark events as Coachable.
      • If your fleet has enabled our automatic messaging for coachable events feature, Drivers will receive a message alerting them of the coachable event to review inside their Motive Driver App.
    • [Compliance] Logs that have Hours of Service (HOS) issues like violations or form and manner errors can be marked as Coachable from the logs detail screen in the Compliance tab. 
      • Once marked as Coachable, these logs will be available for coaching as behaviors will be included in future coaching sessions.

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