How to install the PTO (power take-off) AUX Cable-5005

    Audience Mechanic/ Installer
    Applies To PTO Cable, Vehicle Gateway, Input source on the Vehicle used to track PTO on/off activity



    The Motive PTO AUX cable (Cable-5005) captures PTO (power take-off) activity. This helps in obtaining accurate usage data, such as information on location and duration of PTO use, classifying idling due to PTO, and providing alerts during unsafe scenarios where PTO is engaged on a moving vehicle.

    Note: This is currently available to customers on the Pro and Enterprise subscription package.

    Installation Requirements

    Note: Some additional parts and tools may be required depending on the installation.


    Estimated Installation Time

    1-2 hours


    • Motive Hardware
      • Motive Vehicle Gateway
      • Any existing cable for Vehicle Gateway (Cable-3XXX)
      • PTO AUX Cable (Cable-5005)
    • Tools & Materials Needed (case by case)
      • Voltmeter
      • Solder iron or splicing tool
      • Wire stripper
      • Wire cutters
      • 22AWG – 18AWG wire
      • Electrical tape or heat shrink
      • Ring terminals or other bare wire connection methods
      • Zip-ties


    Steps: Installing the PTO AUX Cable-5005

    STEP A: Locate the PTO input source

    1. Find the input signal on the vehicle which is used to monitor the on/off status of the PTO equipment. This is a voltage source that needs to be between 2.2V and 48V (steady-state) in the “ON” position, and 0V in the “OFF” position in order to be compatible with the Motive device.

    Depending on the PTO type, the input voltage source we splice into to monitor the on/off state of the equipment varies. A common voltage source is the “PTO Engaged” LED switch on the dash.

    For more information see the Where to Locate PTO Input Signal article.


    STEP B: Connect the PTO input source to Cable-5005

    1. Remove the protective cap on the PTO connection of Cable-5005, uncovering the AUX and GND wires.


    2. Connect the AUX input of Cable-5005 to the chosen voltage source from Step A. The diagram below shows a common case where the input voltage is taken between a switch and a “PTO Engaged” LED. This varies from vehicle to vehicle.


    Note: The Cable-5005 “GROUND” wire should only be connected when the PTO equipment ground is separate from the vehicle ground. In most “in-cab” installations you only need to connect the “AUX” wire and leave the “GROUND” wire disconnected.


    STEP C: Connect Cable-5005 to the Vehicle Gateway

    1. Connect the Cable-5005 “in-line” between the Vehicle Gateway and an existing Motive 3k series vehicle cable (which connects to the diagnostic port, for example).

    The below diagram shows the connection configuration. Motive’s Bendix cable is another vehicle-specific system that you can connect to and is optional in this case (view Bendix support article here).


    STEP D: Turn on PTO equipment and verify connection using the Vehicle Gateway’s LEDs

    Once Cable-5005 is connected and plugged into the Vehicle Gateway and existing vehicle cable (Cable-3XXX), turn on the PTO equipment and watch the Vehicle Gateway LEDs for the following light patterns to confirm that the PTO input is detected.



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