How to view disconnected Vehicle Gateways

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    Applies To Fleet Dashboard >  Compliance >  Disconnects



    The Real-Time Vehicle Gateway Disconnects feature allows you to view and add notes to disconnected Vehicle Gateways in your Fleet Dashboard. You can also set up email alerts that instantly notify you when the Vehicle Gateway gets disconnected, empowering you to help drivers reconnect, stay compliant, and prevent issues down the road. In this article you will learn how to view vehicle gateway disconnects in the web dashboard.


    Note: This feature is currently only available for certain users for beta testing. This functionality is only available for drivers that are using Vehicle Gateway Model LBB 3.6 (and above). The existing disconnect functionality for older Vehicle Gateway models remains unchanged.



    Steps: Viewing disconnected vehicle gateways

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and select Compliance.

    2. Select the Disconnects tab.

    3. Here you can view any vehicle that has disconnected vehicle gateways.


    Note: In the Status column, you can see the current status for each disconnect:

    Unresolved: This means the Vehicle Gateway has not been reconnected yet. This unresolved status will only be available for Vehicle Gateways LBB 3.6 on the latest firmware.

    Resolved: This means the Vehicle Gateway has been reconnected.


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