How to view a Seatbelt Violation Event on the Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    With the seat belt violation feature, fleet managers and drivers are notified when the vehicle is in motion and drivers are not properly wearing a seat belt. This can be life-saving in case of a crash. 


    Steps: Viewing a Seatbelt Violation Event on the Fleet Dashboard

    1. Click on Safety on the left-hand side menu of the Fleet Dashboard. 
    2. Click on the Events tab to view a list of drivers that need coaching.
    3. Click on the Events filter and select Seat Belt Violation from the dropdown menu. 


    This displays all the events tagged with Seat Belt Violation.

    4. Click on the event you want to view. 
    5. On the event’s detail page click on the Coachable dropdown menu to set the coaching status for the event.


    Note: Clicking on the Driver name or Vehicle ID displaying on the Event Details panel takes you to their respective pages.




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