*New Drivers Start Here* - Getting Started with Motive for Drivers

    Welcome to Motive! With Motive Driver App you can manage your Hours of service (HOS), create Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), upload documentation or receipts, and much more.

    In order to get started, you can also download the following manuals or watch the Driver App Walkthrough:

    Step 1: Install and Sign up for Driver App

    1. Download the Motive Driver App and Sign Up for a New Account

    1. Select Motive Driver App from your search results.


    2. Tap on Install for both iOS and Android devices.


    3. Once Motive finishes downloading, tap on Open.


    4. Tap Sign Up to register a new driver profile with Motive.


    5. On the Create Account screen, tap on each field to enter your general information. Then tap on Next.


    6. Enter your DOT number and tap on Search.


    7. On the Select Carrier screen, pick your carrier from the options that are shown.


    8. If you don’t have a DOT number # or you don’t see your carrier on the Select Carrier screen, tap on Enter Carrier Details Manually.


    9. Enter your carrier name and address. Tap on Next.


    10. Select your Home Terminal Time Zone and Cycle Rule from the dropdown.


    11. Choose your Cargo Type and any exceptions in the Options section.


    12. When finished, tap on Done and you will be taken to the Log's screen.


    2. What is Driver Hub?

    The Driver Hub experience on the Motive Driver App allows Drivers to easily view important tasks, start workflows quickly, and access compliance tools – all in one place. Fleets can tailor the experience to different types of Drivers or a subset of Drivers.

    How Driver Hub Helps You

    • Simplify daily tasks: Easily view all items in one place.
    • Focus on what’s important: Understand key actions to complete.
    • Save time: Access and start workflows more quickly.
    • Track compliance: An HoS timer automatically pulls clocks into one view.

    Driver Hub Features

    1. Quick Links

    Quickly access different features, including:

    • Logs
    • Support
    • Documents
    • Calling a contact
    • Messages
    • Inspection mode
    • Team driving
    • Connect to vehicle


    2. Tasks

    View feature highlights and kick off different workflows:

    • Compliance
    • Maintenance
    • Messages and broadcasts
    • Safety
    • Dispatch
    • App links



    3. Compliance Toolbox

    Get access to HOS and vehicle connection information:

    • Current duty status
    • Selected vehicle
    • HOS timer
    • HOS clocks
    • Vehicle selection



    3. How to record Hours of Service (HOS) with Vehicle Gateway

    1. When your vehicle moves at 5 MPH or greater, Motive considers the vehicle to be In Motion, and your duty status automatically changes to Driving. The clock appears at the center of your screen, displaying the remaining drive time.

    Note: When your vehicle is In Motion, you will not be able to access your logs or any other part of the Driver App.



    2. When Stationary, a Driver can change his or her duty status by tapping Driving and selecting one of the alternate duty statuses listed. Tap on Save to finish.


    Note: At 0 MPH for 3 seconds or more, the vehicle is considered Stationary.



    Note: If a vehicle is Stationary for five minutes, a pop-up window will appear that asks if you would like to change your duty status. If nothing is selected, your duty status will automatically be set to On Duty.




    4. Updating the Motive Driver App

    1. Search for Motive in the Google Play Store for Android devices or the AppStore for iOS devices.
    2. Select Motive Driver from your search results.


    3. If you are using an outdated version of the App, you get an option to update. Tap Update to get the latest version of the App.


    4. Once you have the latest version installed on your device, tap Open.


    Step 2: Vehicle Gateway/ELD Connectivity

    1. How to Pair Bluetooth

    1. Pairing via iOS

    1. Tap on Settings from your device’s home screen.


    2. Tap on Bluetooth.


    3. Ensure the toggle bar is switched to On.


    2. Pairing via Android device

    1. From your device’s home screen, tap on Settings.


    2. Tap on Bluetooth within Connections.


    3. Ensure the toggle bar is switched to On.


    2. How to Connect Vehicle Gateway/ELD 

    1. Connect Vehicle Gateway via Driver App

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. Tap NO VEHICLE to connect with your Vehicle Gateway.


    3. A list of your company’s vehicles appears. Select the vehicle that you want to connect to.


    4. Select the accessory and your device attempts to connect to the Vehicle Gateway using Bluetooth.

    Note: Wait for thirty seconds to one minute for your Vehicle Gateway to appear in the list.



    5. A green icon appears at the top right of the Logs screen to indicate a successful connection.


    2. Connecting Vehicle Gateway via USB cable

    1. From your Android device, plug your USB cable into the USB port on the Vehicle Gateway.


    2. A prompt appears to open the App to connect the USB accessory. Check the box saying Use by default for this USB accessory to avoid seeing this prompt in the future.
    3. Click on OK.


    4. A second prompt asks you if you want to select the vehicle you plugged into as your current vehicle. Tap Yes to connect.


    5. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    6. A green icon of the arrow with the ELD appears at the top right corner of the main Logs screen to indicate a successful connection.


    3. How to Leave the Vehicle and Disconnect from the Vehicle Gateway

    1. On the Home screen, tap on Logs.


    2. Tap on Current Vehicle in the top-right corner.


    3. Tap on Leave current vehicle.


    4. On the Logs screen, you will see No Vehicle in the top-right corner.


    4. How to View ELD Diagnostics screen and Vehicle Gateway Firmware

    1. Tap on Logs from the main screen.


    2. On the Logs screen, tap the Current Vehicle.


    3. Tap on the Settings icon on the lower-right side.


    4. The ELD Diagnostics screen appears, displaying various attributes of the Vehicle Gateway and vehicle that may be useful when contacting Motive Support.



    Step 3: Connect with Wi-Fi Hotspot

    1. Get the Wi-Fi password for the Vehicle Gateway Hotspot

    • Drivers are prompted to enter Wi-Fi password when they try to connect to the Vehicle Gateway Wi-Fi through their iOS or Android device.
    • You will need to retrieve the password from your Fleet Manager by sending them a message.
    • Your Fleet Manager can retrieve and share the Wi-Fi password.
    • Support will not be able to provide the Wi-Fi password.

    2. Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot on iOS

    Note: The hotspot is intended to be used with the Motive App. While use is not strictly limited, the hotspot is turned off after 500 MBs of data have been consumed during the monthly cycle. Additionally, your VG firmware must be on version 65015 or above to connect to the hotspot. See how to update your VG firmware here.


    1. Navigate Settings on your mobile device.


    2. Select Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is ON.


    3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network named Motive Hotspot - {VG S/N}.

    Note: You can find the Vehicle Gateway Serial Number on the bottom of the Vehicle Gateway or in the Vehicle Gateway Diagnostics Screen.



    4. You will be prompted to enter a password. You can retrieve the password from the Motive Dashboard or your Fleet Manager. When received, simply enter it and connect to the hotspot. You will not be prompted to enter your password again, as entering your password is only a one-time setup step.


    Important: Transferring driving event data via USB is currently supported for Android devices only.


    3. Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android

    Note: The hotspot is intended to be used with the Motive App. While use is not strictly limited, the hotspot is turned off after 500 MBs of data have been consumed during the monthly cycle. Additionally, your VG firmware must be on version 65015 or above to connect to the hotspot. See how to update your VG firmware here.


    1. Go to Settings on your mobile device.


    2. Tap on Wi-Fi. Make sure the Wi-Fi is ON.


    3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network named Hotspot - {VG S/N}.


    4. You will be prompted to enter a password. You can retrieve the password from the Fleet Dashboard or from your Fleet Manager. When received, simply enter it and connect to the hotspot.

    Note: You will still need to connect the mobile device to the Vehicle Gateway via Bluetooth or USB to automatically log drive time. The Vehicle Gateway must detect the Engine ON within the last 45 minutes for the Wi-Fi SSID to be broadcasted by the hotspot.

    Step 4: Logs

    1. How to Change Duty Status on Driver App

    1. Log into the Driver App and Tap on Logs.


    2. Tap the current status.


    3. Select your current Duty Status from the options.

    Note: If you are using the Vehicle Gateway, you will not be able to manually change your duty status to Driving because all driving time is automatically recorded by the Vehicle Gateway.

    4. Tap on the Location field to enter your current location. Enter Notes, such as "Lunch Break" or "Pre-Trip Inspection.”
    5. Tap Save to finish.



    2. How to Insert Past Duty Status

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. On the Logs screen, select the day you want to edit.


    3. Select the area on the log graph you want to edit OR select an event from the trips list below the graph and tap on Edit.

    Note: Trips recorded by the Vehicle Gateway are highlighted with a green line. However, drive time added manually is shown as the regular blue line.



    4. Tap the + sign.


    5. Choose the Insert Past Duty Status from the options.
    6. Set the Start Time and End Time by entering time in the fields or dragging the sliders.

    Note: Trips for exempted drivers (including manual driving) are freely editable but manual trips cannot be adjacent to Vehicle Gateway trips. For Vehicle Gateway trips we allow drivers to switch between Special Duty Status OFF (Personal conveyance), ON (yard move), or Driving.


    7. Select your new Duty Status, enter the Location, and add Notes.
    8. Tap Save to finish.


    9. The log graph and event display the new changes.


    3. How to Edit a Past Duty Status

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. Select the log that you want to edit.


    3. Tap on the duty status you wish to edit and select the Edit option.

    Note: You may also select the area on the log graph that you would like to edit.


    4. Select your Duty Status.
    5. Tap Save to finish.


    6. Your log graph will update to reflect the edit and you will need to update your log.


    4. How to Sign Your Logs on Motive Driver App

    Note: For drivers on Version 35+ of the Motive Driver App, any edits made to current or past logs will clear the driver’s signature. Drivers will have to re-sign their logs to stay compliant with §395.30.

    §395.30 - ELD record submissions, edits, annotations, and data retention.

    If any edits are necessary after the driver submits the records to the motor carrier, the driver must recertify the record after the edits are made.

    Log Edit Examples:

    • Adding/editing duty status
    • Adding/removing vehicle
    • Accepting log edit suggestions
    • Claiming unidentified driving
    • Changing cycle
    • Changing account settings (Name, Time-zone, Odometers)


    To sign the logs, follow the steps below: 

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. On the Logs screen, tap on the log you would like to sign.


    3. Select the tab labeled Sign.

    Note: The exclamation mark next to the Sign tab indicates that your signature is missing.


    4. Tap the Sign Log button.



    5. Draw the signature with your finger and Tap Agree.


    5. How to Read HOS Clocks in Driver App

    The Driver App has four clocks that automatically calculate the Driver’s break, drive, shift, and cycle time from their log information. Following are the details to tell you how do recap hours work on Driver App;

    • The BREAK clock shows the time left until you need to take a 30-minute rest break.
    • The DRIVE clock shows the time left until your driving limit is reached.
    • The SHIFT clock shows the time left until your shift ends.
    • The CYCLE clock shows the time left in your cycle.


    Step 5: Optional Configurations

    1. DOT inspection Mode

    What is DOT Inspection Mode?

    DOT Inspection Mode is available in the Motive Driver App and can be accessed from the left-hand side menu. It helps the Drivers on the road during a DOT inspection. They can easily share their logs with the officer and, if required, send them as an output file as well.

    How DOT Inspection Mode Helps You

    DOT Inspection Mode is the Driver App's handiest feature when dealing with DOT Inspection officers. Here are some ways it helps you:

    • Informs you if you comply with electronic logging devices or automatic on-board recording devices.
    • Shows your logs by beginning inspection.
    • Helps you share output files with the inspector on the spot.

    How to set up DOT Inspection Mode Access Code in Motive Driver App

    1. Log into the Motive Driver App and tap on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner.


    2. Tap on DOT Inspection Mode in the menu.


    3. Before handing over your device, tap and hold the Begin Inspection button to bring up the access code option. It will display the Access Code screen.


    4. Here, set up a 4-digit access code to lock the Driver App in DOT Inspection Mode. Reconfirm the code on the next screen.


    5. After confirming the code, hand over your device to the DOT officer.

    Note: Once the Motive Driver App is locked in DOT Inspection Mode, it is not possible to go back to the Motive Driver App without entering the access code.


    6. To exit the locked DOT Inspection Mode, enter the access code again.


    7. If you forget your access code, simply hit Forgot your access code? to log out of the app and log back in.


    For more information, read FMCSA DOT vehicle Inspection requirements.

    How to transfer output files (driver logs) from the Motive Driver App

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on the Menu icon.

    2. Tap on DOT Inspection Mode (US) / Inspection Mode (Canada).


    3. Tap Begin Inspection to let an officer view your logs directly from your device.
    4. To Send your ELD output file to the DOT (web service) or law enforcement official (email), tap Send Output File.
    5. To email or fax a copy of your logs to an officer, tap Send Logs.



    Note: The emailed recipient will then receive a confirmation if the logs were submitted successfully.


    How to let an officer inspect driver logs

    1. Log in to the Driver App and tap the Menu icon from the top left corner.
    2. Select the DOT Inspection Mode from the menu.


    3. To let an officer inspect your logs directly from your device, tap Begin Inspection.


    4. Logs are displayed on the screen in standard paper format. Use the < and > arrows to view the last 7 days' logs.
    5. Tap on the three-dots in the top right corner to access other options.
    6. Tap Send to send the logs or click on Print to print it out.



    2. Documents/Receipts

    Types of Documents: 

    • Bill of Lading
    • Fuel Receipt
    • Accident Photo
    • Citation
    • Scale Ticket
    • Other

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Documents.


    2. Tap on the + button.


    3. Tap on Select Document dropdown menu.

    document 3.jpg

    4. Tap on the document type you want to select.

    document 4.jpg

    5. Fill in the required fields.

    document 5.jpg

    6. At the very bottom, click Add Photo and choose whether to Take a Photo or Select an existing photo from your gallery.

    document 6.jpg

    7. If taking a photo, take a photo from your camera and tap on Continue.


    8. Tap Save from the top right-hand side of the screen.


    9. To email the uploaded documents, tap on the checkbox next to the document and select Send.


    10. Enter the recipient's email address.
    11. Tap Send.


    3. Messages

    1. Log into your Driver App and tap the Menu icon.
    2. Tap on Messages from the menu.


    3. Tap the + icon on the bottom right.

    send messages0.png

    4. Type the names of those you would like to message in the search field. You can send a message to any Driver or Fleet Manager connected to your company. You can also include more than one individual in the conversation.

    send messages 1.png

    5. Select the recipient.
    6. Tap Next.

    send messages 2.png

    7. Write the message in the text field.
    8. Tap + icon to share location, take a photo, or select a photo from your phone.
    9. Tap > icon to send the message.

    send messages 3.png


    4. Safety

    1. Log into the Motive Driver App and access the Safety Hub through the hamburger menu and the Driver Hub.

    2. To view the Safety Hub:
    a. Tap on the hamburger icon in the left-hand corner and select Safety from the menu.
    b. Scroll down on the Home screen and tap on the Safety section.

    performance hub help.png

    3. Tapping on the Safety section leads to the Safety Hub. The Safety Hub displays the DRIVE score details and safety tasks to be reviewed.

    safety hub home.png

    4. The DRIVE Score widget displays the current driver score for the indicated period (rolling 4-week window). It also mentions how many points the score has increased or declined from the previous week.

    5. Underneath the score, the top three behaviors impacting the score are mentioned with the subsequent impact value. The arrows indicate a change in impact from the previous score period. A red up arrow indicates an increase in impact, whereas a green down arrow indicates a decrease in impact.

    6. To review a Safety Task, tap the individual task. This takes you directly into the task detail view, which includes all coachable events generated for that behavior that have not yet been reviewed.

    flow for task.png

    7. Tap Mark as reviewed once you are finished.

    Congratulations! You're all set to use the Motive Driver App. To get more information, click the links in the Related Content section or explore the Help Center.

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